2019 Exoteric Book Club Reading Schedule

Meeting Date:  1/12/2020

Open House

Host:  Black Choctaw


Meeting Date:  2/9/2020

Book:  Interview with John Beasley

By N/A

Host:  Black Choctaw


Meeting Date:  3/8/2020

Book:  A Never Event

By Evelyn V. McKnight and Travis T. Bennington

Host:  Analyst, Sassy Vegan and Strategist


Meeting Date:  4/26/2020

Book:  Podcast and Magazines Articles

By: N/A

Politico and Church Lady


Meeting Date:  5/17/2020

Book:  No book this month

Host:  Mellow


Meeting Date:  6/14/2020

Book:  Such a Fun Age

By kiley Reid

Host:  Black Princess


Meeting Date:  7/00/2020

No Book this Month


Meeting Date:  8/9/2020

Book:  Sleeping Beauties

By Stephen King and Owen King

Host:  Controversial 

Meeting Date:  9/13/2020

Book: No Book

Meeting Date:  10/11/2020

Book:  Water Knife

By Paolo Bacigalupi

Host:  Inquisitor

Meeting Date:  11/8/2020

Book:  Caste

By Isabel Wilkerson

Host:  Scholar

Meeting Date: 12/00/2020

No Book this Month


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