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2023 Exoteric Book Club Reading Schedule

Meeting Date:  1/22/2023

Open House

Host:  Amanda Paris


Meeting Date:  2/19/2023

Book:  Black Cake

By Charmaine Wilkerson

Host:  Gwen Gideon


Meeting Date:  3/12/2023

Book:  Monday's Not Coming

By Tiffany Jackson

Host:  Gloria Guillard

Meeting Date:  4/16/2023

Book:  The Last Sword Maker

By: Brian Nelson

Host:  Kellie Paris Asaka

Meeting Date:  5/28/2023

Book:  Skin of the Sea 

By:  Natasha Bowen

Host:  Samantha Gregory

Meeting Date:  6/25/2023

Book:  Being Mortal

By:  Atul Gawande  

Host:  Lucy Woodard


Meeting Date:  7/00/2023

No Book this Month


Meeting Date:  8/13/2023

Book:  TBD


Host:  Edna Statham

Meeting Date:  9/10/2023

Book: TBD


Host:  Adria Carrington

Meeting Date:  10/8/2023

Book:  TBD


Host:  Dinah Clark

Meeting Date:  11/12/2023

Book:  Kill'em and Leave

By:  James McBride

Host:  Gail Walker

Meeting Date: 12/00/2023

No Book this Month


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