2022 Exoteric Book Club Reading Schedule

Meeting Date:  1/23/2022

Open House

Host:  National EBC Program Committee


Meeting Date:  2/20/2022

Book:  The Four Winds 

By Kristin Hannah

Host:  Gloria  Guillard


Meeting Date:  3/13/2022

Book:  Nigger

By Dick Gregory & Robert Lipsyte

Host:  Samantha Baker Gregory

Meeting Date:  4/10/2022

Book:  Declaration/Constitution

By: N/A

Host:  Dinah Clark

Meeting Date:  5/15/2022

Book:  The South Side

By:  Natalie Moore

Host:  Adria Carrington


Meeting Date:  6/12/2022

Book:  Did you Know/Event

By:  N/A

Host:  Edna Statham


Meeting Date:  7/00/2022

No Book this Month


Meeting Date:  8/14/2022

Book:  Harlem Shuffle 

By:  Colson Whitehead

Host:  Kellie Asaka

Meeting Date:  9/11/2022

Book: I Am Because We Are

By:  Chidiogo Akunyili

Host:  Lucy Woodard

Meeting Date:  10/9/2022

Book:  Book Woman of Troublesome Creek

By Kim Michelle Richardson

Host:  Gwen Gedion

Meeting Date:  11/13/2022

Book:  Hamnet 

By:  Maggie O'Farrell

Host:  Gail Walker

Meeting Date: 12/00/2022

No Book this Month