2021 Exoteric Book Club Reading Schedule

Meeting Date:  1/10/2021

Open House

Host:  Amanda Paris & Dinah Clark


Meeting Date:  2/7/2021

Book:  It's Not All Downhill From Here

By Terri McMillan

Host:  Brenda Milton


Meeting Date:  3/7/2021

Book:  Deacon King Kong

By James McBride

Host:  Regina Mitchell

Meeting Date:  4/11/2021

Book:  Faith & Favor:  Discovering Family at Fifty

By: Lisa A. Quaites

Host:  Dinah Clark

Meeting Date:  5/16/2021

Book:  American Dirt

By:  Jeanine Cummins

Host:  Gloria Guillard


Meeting Date:  6/13/2021

Book:  War Girls

By:  Tochi Onyebuchi

Host:  Kellie Paris Asaka


Meeting Date:  7/00/2021

No Book this Month


Meeting Date:  8/8/2021

Book:  Ender's Game (the first book of the series)

By:  Orson Scott Card

Host:  Samantha Baker Gregory

Meeting Date:  9/12/2021

Book: A Thousand Splendid Suns

By:  Khaled Hosseini

Host:  Lucy Woodard

Meeting Date:  10/10/2021

Book:  Defending Jacob

By William Landay

Host:  Gwen Gedion

Meeting Date:  11/7/2021

Book:  TBD


Host:  Gail Walker

Meeting Date: 12/00/2020

No Book this Month