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Video Background

The video Choose to be Great:  The Women's National Anthem Presented by the Exoteric Book Club is a women's empowerment video.   This inspirational video features a song inspired  by the things that were happening in our world:  the 2016 election, gender bias, and taking away women's rights.
The video features images of significant women of diverse ethnicities and backgrounds; march for women suffrage; and the 2016 women's march on Washington.  
The video has been shown at meetings, luncheons, regional conventions, and local gatherings and receives standing ovations at each showing.

Many talented people helped to baring the video to life:  Amanda Paris, lyricist; the Exoteric Book Club and its team of professional women; Tim Clark and his arsenal of connections; JeVon Mickles, a young talented music producer who gave the song the neo-soul sound; Millicent Crawford, a vocalist with incredible vocal flexibility of range that allowed her to evoke the needed emotions; Venus Tiguwa of Vado Films, a young innovative videographer; and Tyrone Beasley, an actor who inspired the video script.   Bringing the song and video to life was a collaborative effort.  Women are encouraged to continue the collaboration by showing the video at events.  The  goal is for the video to be seen around the world, as a source of inspiration to all women.


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