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Book Review of Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

Scholar hosted the November 2018 Exoteric Book Club meeting. The discussion was great. Trevor Noah’s story, Born a Crime, was entertaining through his use of humor, yet revealing, and enlightening as to the horrors of apartheid in South Africa. Reading this book transported the reader to Johannesburg, Soweto, and the Meadowlands of South Africa as an observer of institutionalized dehumanization of the non-white people of South Africa. It allowed the reader to observe how the non-whites adapted to their untenable situation in order to survive. Some turned to Christianity, some clung to tribal traditions, and the author turned to humor and language. All were touched by the most advanced system of institutionalized racism known to man. Book rating on a 5 point rating scale with 5 the highest, the ladies rated Born a Crime by Trevor Noah 3.6.

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