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The Abortion Pills and its Impact on Roe v. Wade

By Lee Leigh

Exoteric Book Club

May 5, 2022

Overturning Roe v. Wade by the Supreme Court will eliminate access to legal abortions. It will not diminish the need for abortions. At another time in this country’s history, thoughts, and visions of abortions in backrooms and basements would appear. In today’s reality, there is the abortion pills that provide another safe option. Over half of all abortions currently performed uses the pills method to terminate a pregnancy.

Abolishing a woman’s rights to make decisions about her own body is akin to abolishing a person’s rights to drink alcohol. Legislating prohibition of alcohol did not stop people from drinking liquor. Legislating prohibition of abortions will not stop women from having an abortion. Women will seek abortions for whatever reasons; medical, incest, rape, affordability, and others.

Seventy percent of the population want access to abortions. Although, the

Supreme Court touts its ability to be unbiased, and rule based on the U.S. Constitution, we know from history, the Supreme Court can be and has been swayed by public opinion.

A greater concern is that taking away women’s rights may be one item on a list of rights that may be at peril. It started with voting rights, and now it has moved on to women’s reproductive rights. What’s next, religion?


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