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Will Smith’s Meltdown: Should he be Punished?

People are quick to say, “Will Smith should be punished.” But shouldn’t everyone deserve a second chance? Yes, Will Smith’s behavior on Sunday at the 94th Academy Awards Ceremony was abhorrent. But his behavior was completely out of character, thus we must consider the circumstance. He may be going through emotional things of which the public may not be aware. We do not punish people for having an emotional breakdown. In one of Will Smith’s books, he spoke of his father hitting his mother so hard upside the head that she fell to the floor with blood draining from her head. He may be still feeling compelling emotions from his childhood that drove him to defend his wife of verbal assaults from Chris Rock.

In today’s visceral climate, we seldom see sincere apologies. Will Smith has apologized and is genuinely remorseful. We should be supportive rather than penalizing. And let’s not forget, when a man defends his wife and/or his country, it is extremely exciting and sexy.

Lee Leigh

Exoteric Book Club



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