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The New OPS Superintendent brings Energy, Hopefulness and Vision to North Omaha

The Love Jazz and Art’s Center was the place to be. The atmosphere was filled with pride, excitement, and exuberance. The people of North Omaha were given the opportunity to meet Dr. Cheryl Logan, the first African American female to serve as Superintendent of the Omaha Public Schools, the largest public school district in the state of Nebraska. She was selected from 74 applicants.

Dr. Cheryl Logan is strong, beautiful and humble, with a demanding presence, as well as an air of approachability. She extended a warm welcome to the people of North Omaha, acknowledged her faith in God and the people in her life both past and present who contributed to her success.

“Dr. Logan brings energy, a tone, a spirit of hopefulness and vision to Omaha. We are looking at a leader that, from first impression, is going to be very thoughtful and intentional about helping students succeed,” said Tim Clark, Managing Partner of Collective Impact Group II, LLC.

“She is someone who is passionate and committed to the education of students, and will do what’s necessary to take the district to the next level. The community is excited about the new leadership; a person that will continue the work of Mark Evans of raising the bar in areas of accountability, equity in education, and making sure students and teachers have the tools needed in the classroom. The community, the village, must do our part to support Dr. Logan’s vision for excellence in education for our students,” says Tim Clark.

In Dr. Logan’s honor, the North High School dance team, The Golden Vikings, choreographed and performed a lyrical rewrite of Fantasia’s I Believe just for the new superintendent. “The girls rehearsed tirelessly two hours per evening, Monday – Thursday in preparation for the historical event,” says dance coach Precious Young.

Previously, Logan held the position of Chief Academic Officer for the Philadelphia School District with an enrollment of about 133,000 student.

Logan holds a doctorate in education from the University of Pennsylvania, a master’s of education from Johns Hopkins University and a bachelor of science from the University of Maryland.

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