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Comments from Regina aka Political about Russian Roulette by Michael Isikoff and David Corn

Time did not allow me to articulate, during the podcast, my greatest take away from “Russian Roulette”, for which history is unfolding right in our face. While we are constantly witnessing history being made, I thought Obama’s presidency would have been my greatest eyewitness account since the Civil Rights era. However, the magnitude of our democracy being attacked so thoroughly is staggering.

The effectiveness is real in the discord of division, extreme inequality, attempts to rewrite our history, increase in extremist groups, deterioration of our view in the world and most importantly denigration of our 3 pillars of democracy: Legislative branch (congress and senate), Executive branch (president, cabinet, and government officials) and Judiciary branch (the courts). The 3 pillars of democracy in the American government are designed to protect the people, which includes the basic right of democracy, the right to vote for candidates that represent the people’s views at free and fair elections.

While we don’t know how this will end, we are all optimistic that democracy will prevail. For me, I am grateful to watch this era of history unfold and most of all having Exoteric to weigh in on it. Perhaps through the podcast some truths can be preserved.

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