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Review: Hamilton at the Orpheum Theater, Omaha, NE

Rain, floods, and the promise of more rain did not deter us. My comrades and I were determined to see the Omaha performances of Hamilton at the Orpheum Theater. We were not disappointed. The performance was spectacular. The music, the dancing, and the electrifying energy from the revolving stage were mesmerizing. The musical was laced with a little hip hop, a little rock n roll, a little jazz, and blues, enhancing the overall appeal of this musical drama. I can see why Hamilton appeals across the spectrum to so many people. On the orchestra level where we were seated, there wasn’t a vacant seat.

The clever choreography, special effects, staging, and songs brought the scenes to life. The scene where Eliza, Hamilton’s wife, becomes aware of Hamilton’s infidelity and sings that gripping emotional song, I could feel her pain. As was the death scene when their son, Philip, was killed and the display of emotionality by both Hamilton and Eliza was gripping. And of course the death scene where Aaron Burr kills Hamilton for endorsing Thomas Jefferson is emotionally heart wrenching.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Hamilton, it is the story of the life of Alexander Hamilton told though a musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Alexander Hamilton is considered to be one of America’s founding fathers and the right-hand man to George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Diverse actors were purposefully cast in the roles of White historical figures.

For us, this play overall was the play of the century.

The running time of the play with a 15 minute intermission was approximately two and a half hours. The play’s run in Omaha is September 10, 2019 – September 29, 2019.


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